About us

INTERMEK SA established in Kavala in northern Greece is active in sector of marble processing, cement and aggregate industries by selling, repairing and servicing mechanical equipment.

Our goals...

Our company undertakes and coordinates construction projects in Greece and abroad, in order to renovate or repair or upgrade treatment facilities. Provides education and knowledge transfer process issues and production units.

The commercial department is representing most of the major international brands and offers complete solutions in equipping all the production phases of the marble, cement and aggregates products industry.

The customer service department is one staffed with experts, trained in organized repair shops and aiming at the satisfaction of the clients’ demands-needs. The main goal of the department is the immediate response to the repairing and preservation problems-needs of the installed machines.

The company’s main concern remains to promote the best service to our clients: covering all their needs in mechanical equipment of peak technology and also taking the responsibility for their best function and service.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Our Company is aiming for better customer services. In accordance with TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS procedures, it is hereby certified through the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, that our company applies a quality management system in line with the above Standard for the following scope:
Trading of equipment and integrated solutions for marble, cement and aggregate industries
Plant installation studies of equipment and integrated solutions for marble, cement and aggregate industries
Technical support of equipment and integrated solutions for marble, cement and aggregate industries

Quality policy

INTERMEK S.A. designs, manufactures and repairs electromechanical equipment of marble, granite, and quarrying industries.

Our company, aiming to provide quality services to its customers, to its partners, and the wider community, is implementing an integrated quality system following ISO 9001:2015 standard, committing at the same time to the implementation of national, European, and International legal requirements and regulatory provisions governing its operation.

Our basic principles are professional ethics in the relations with our customers and partners, the continuous qualitative improvement of human resources, means, and processes, and the continuous improvement of the quality system.

For the implementation of this policy, our company is committed to:

Apply methods and procedures that correspond to the current state of science and technology, the provisions of the relevant legislation in force, and the applicable requirements.
Incorporate the observance of legality and social responsibility in its operating principles.
Proceed to objective and socially responsible advertising of its products.
Use appropriate equipment and trained personnel.
Systematically monitor and control all phases of the production process.
Put in the foreground of all its activities the prevention against an environmental incident, occupational accident & occupational diseases.
Establish and implement appropriate environmental programs.
Establish and implement appropriate health & safety at work programs.
Establish and simulate adequate emergency response plans.
Establish a specific framework of objectives, ensure effective monitoring, and ensure adequate resources to achieve them.
Ensure the availability of information and resources necessary to achieve objectives and targets.

The decision of the installation and implementation of the quality management system is proof of the importance given by the company to the implementation of international standards that ensure the quality and environmentally proper operation and control of the products and services provided.

The quality management model developed by the company is a dynamic system to continuously improve its operation and performance and its staff. This is an additional guarantee of its prestige and reliability to all its partners. It meets the needs and expectations of its customers for timely and efficient services. At the same time, it meets the standards
and specifications set by the European Union.

Our company is committed to implementing this policy while ensuring that it is known and understood at all levels and that it is implemented by all employees and managers who have been trained adequately for its implementation. Responsible for the implementation and compliance of these is the Quality Assurance Manager.

Andreas Stamkos,
Amisiana, 01/06/2018



Company establishment

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ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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Research & Development departmentServices

The research and design department works in the study and design of modern units for the processing of rocks and cement products and the continuous development of machinery and production lines to offer solutions that will meet the needs in quantities or new products. At the same time, in collaboration with local research institutions and educational institutions, it participates as the main body – beneficiary in co-funded European research programs with main objectives:
Economic growth based on knowledge and sustainable specialization.
Integration of new knowledge and innovation into existing products, services, production systems, and value chains.
Development of new innovative products.
Linking research to the needs of the market and the economy.
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