HTR-C Triple tower oven in circle



Circular resin line 3 or 4 towers is the biggest line in capacity and production. It has single level conveyor chains and the trays move only forward. Loading and unloading can be performed in the same side, with the ability of turning up/side down the slab for both side process without unloading the slab from the tray.
High productivity that can serve a factory with 3 gang saws.
The maximum production of the circular line can reach 32 slabs/hour.

The loading/unloading of the slabs in the line is done with arm crane or by robots. When using the arm crane the line is equipped with inclinable conveyor chain. The robots for this line (as optional) can make open book match loading/unloading and has rotating slab stand of 30 Ton capacity.

Technical Characteristics

Slabs Capacity (Slabs): 120 - 180
Drying floors (slabs): 30 - 45
Curing floors (slabs): 30/60 - 45/90
Production capacity (Slabs/hour): 25 - 30 δύο πλευρές
Drying time (h): 1.2 - 1.8
Curing time (h): 2.4 - 3.6
Installed heating power (kW): 200 - 260
Length (m): 42
Height (m): 6 - 6
Width (m): 12


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