Extractor with Washing Machine

SKU: Washing-Machine-Extractor


Automatic Extractor for receiving the exported slabs from a rotary press, in a combined work with washing machine of surface of the slabs and drop them on pallets.

The high operation speed of the system allows the maximum exploitation of the productive capacity of the press, and even the washing machine operates, time-of-work of the machine is smaller than the turnover.

Technical Characteristics

Slabs' dimensions (mm): 400x400 / 500x500
Power motor absorption (kW): 3
Power dry blower (kW): 3
Driving bogie motor (kW): 1,5
Motor extractor's movement (kW): 2,2
Water pump's motor (kW): 1,5
Installed power (kW): 15
Length (mm): 3900
Width (mm): 2000
Height (mm): 3000


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