OPA 1280 – OPA 1400/7

SKU: OPA-1280-OPA-1400-7


Automatic rotary presses to 7 stations for the production of tiles until the double-layer format 900×900 and 800×1000. Production 1000-1750 m²/8h.

Some additional characteristics that OPA 1280 has are:

  • Lintels high strength cast steel
  • Table with 7-iron stations
  • Second pressing cylinder forged steel
  • Siemens S7 PLC, touch panel 10 “color Siemens
  • Scoreboard 24V
  • SmartStation system to enable or disable each mold
  • Adjustable vibration of the molds with inverter
  • Central air in closed cabinet
  • Protection of stations in steel
  • Total installed power 140 kW
  • Total weight 70,100 kg
  • Hydroelectric power station with pumps internal/external
  • Automatic self-dosing of the column
  • Pala extraction driven by toothed belt
  • Precision hydraulic stripping

Technical Characteristics

Production capacity (Slabs/hour): 000-1750 m² / 8h
Installed power: 140 Kw
Total approximate mass: 70.100 Kg


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