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Machine with 5 axes to cut and shape marble, granite and natural stone. The.axes are run by means of the Numeric Control and by means of brush-less motors. Control panel installed on a fixed support with graphic color monitor with TOUCHSCREEN for the workpieces tri-dimensional simulation and for the working cycles programming.This machine can be found working in stone shops operating in the building trade (floors and coverings for interior and exterior,stairs, steps, frames, paving kerbs etc.) and internal furnishings (kitchen and bathroom tops,tables, sinks etc). Specifically designed for cutting up to 300 mm depth. The.programs can be written by means of the system included in the machine (profiles drawing, cycles cut sequences) or with the CAD-CAM V960-CAM optional.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Cut/backward movement (Χ axis) (mm): 3800
Bridge crosswise stroke (Y axis) (mm): 3500
Tool raising/lowering stroke (Z axis) (mm): 700
Maximum cut thickness with 625mm disc diameter (mm): 320
Disc motor with inverter for adjustment of disc speed (rpm): 7000
X axis speed (m/min): 0-23
Y axis speed (m/min): 0-13
Z axis speed (m/min): 0-10
Disc inclination (⁰): -10 - +100
Disc diameter (mm): 900


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