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Executable operations: Manual cut.· Slab end-trimming cut.· Bevel cut (sawing unit with tilting is an accessory uponrequest).· Multiple cut programming.· Orthogonal cuts.· Plunge cut and step cut.· Selective adjustment of cut, return and last cut speeds.· Reading and cutting of designed shapes (the infra-red ray is an accessory uponrequest).;Saw mainly used for cutting sheets and blocks of marble, granite, stone in general andcomposite stone in elements of size and shape desired. This machine can be found working instone shops operating in the building trade (floors and coverings for interior and exterior,stairs, steps, frames, paving kerbs etc.) and internal furnishings (kitchen and bathroom tops,tables, sinks etc). Specifically designed for cutting up to 300 mm depth (depending on the cutting blade used).

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Cut/backward maximum stroke (X axis) (mm): 3600
Bridge crosswise stroke (Y axis) (mm): 3660
Motorspindle slide stroke (Z axis) (mm): 390
Disk diameter (mm): 625
X axis speed (m/min): 0-20
Z axis speed (m/min): 0-1,2
Y axis speed (m/min): 0-8
Variable moror speed (rpm): 1450


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