Galaxy B220

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Automatic cycle machine for the marble slabs polishing by means of polishing heads mounted along the axis of a mobile beam.

Operation: Slabs profile continuous reading for the automatic programming of the heads rising/lowering and for the programming of the beam stroke according to the slabs width.

Conveyor system: One motorized roller, one idle roller, a conveyor belt with inverter for the conveyor speed.

Spindle group Rotor for polishing head: Vertical movement driven by means of a pneumatic system, with adjustable pressure and counter pressure. Spindle group realized with a single body, which includes the coaxial motorization and pressure control. Device for automatic lifting when belt stops and device for the head stop when tool is worn out. The groups are mounted on the mobile beam.

Mobile beam: Movement by means of two toothed belts, driven by means of synchronized motors and controlled by means of an inverter. Sliding in oil bath by means of rollers on tempered steel guides, covered by means of fixed safety guards. Mobile front guard with automatic rising system for the abrasives replacing.

Profile reader: Set of no-contact sensors at the entry.

Slabs thickness control: Slabs thickness no-contact measuring, at the entry.

Controls: All computer function diagnostic, displaying the alarms in order of occurrence., – Conveyor slowing down depending on the number of heads with worn out abrasives, – Conveyor speed and beam speed setting, – Function for double passage on the slabs lateral edges, – Function for the abrasives replacing, stopping the beam near the operator and re-starting the working cycle automatically, – Function for the minimum lifting and fast lowering of the heads during the exit/entry of the slabs, – Function to jump defective slabs portions, – Sequential start and stop of the polishing heads, of the conveyor and of the beam, – Setting the abrasive portion exceeding the slabs lateral edges, – Setting the correction for the slabs eventual back-slipping, – Setting the distance between two consecutive slabs, – Setting the stop time of the polishing heads on the slabs lateral edges, – Statistical production data display: operative hours, processed square meters, processed square meters per day, processed square, – Water flux electro-valves control, – Working cycle selection, Air conditioned electrical panel, IP54 (EN60529) dust and water protection., Controls by means of a Computer with graphical interface, touch screen managed. Push buttons for the manual control. Automation managed by means of Soft Logic operating on Windows. The graphic interface, easy using even for inexperienced operators, allows for the centralized control and programming of all the machine functions.

Main functions: Each head is equipped with an accessible individual control panel, for the working pressure setting and displaying. Electric connection in field bus Profibus-DP. The signals transmission from the polishing machine to the computer is performed by means of a shield cable, excluding any external interference and disturbs, in absolutely reliable conditions. Possibility to connect the polishing machine computer with another computer in local net LAN, for the displaying and the managing of the production statistical data.

There are many models with different Nr. of polishing heads.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Slabs maximum width (mm): 2200
Slabs maximum thickness (mm): 100
Polishing head motorization (kW): 16,5 (3x5,5)
Installed electrical power (kW): 350
Cooling water (minimum pressure 1.5 bar) (l/min): 600
Compressed air (minimum pressure 6 bar) (NL/min): 1600
Machine length (L) (mm): 13700
Machine width (W) (mm): 3100
Machine height (H) (mm): 2900
Approximate mass (kg): 40000


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