GS 122

SKU: GS122


This machine, that was designed for the quick sawing of marble irregular blocks, synthesizes extensively experienced technical solutions that have been realized through Pedrini most advanced technology. GS 122, that is manufactured in the versions for 30, 40 and 50 blades, is a gang saw with superior characteristics regarding the perfect dynamic balance and the extremely rigid structure that allows for blades stack considerable width extension with the use of the maximum tension. Owing to their exceptional productivity, not far from that of the closed frame gang saws, the versions for 40 and 50 blades are particularly indicated as well as for the “on the ground” sawing of fragile marble large regular blocks and achieve optimal quality results in case of difficult materials such as lava stone.

Mobile frame made of structural steelwork with very high rigidity. Structural steelwork support structure with hollow columns fitted to the machine foundations. Blade carrier made of sectioned structural steelwork with very high horizontal rigidity. The oscillating movement of the blade is generated by a connecting rod-crank system with two cranks driven by an electric motor, regularised by a heavy cast iron flywheel.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Maximum number blades: 30/40/50
Useful cutting length (mm): 3200
: 2000
: 4050
Blade useful stroke (mm): 600
Cutting speed (cm/h): 0÷40
Width of the blades carrying frame (mm): 1000
Electrical power installed (kW): 60/82


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