GS 131

SKU: GS131


GS131, that is available in the types with front or side block trolley entry, is equipped with stainless steel fixed guards for main mechanical parts protection. Mechanical components large dimensions render GS131 a very simple machine at the highest level in quality, turdiness an reliability thus providing the user the maximum performances in time.

GS131, that was designed for the quick sawing of marble blocks, is an avant-garde gang saw having a fixed height blades holder frame and a lifting block holder platform. Stemming from the fusion of extensively tested technical solutions and PEDRINI cutting edge technology, GS131 allows for high cutting frequency with large cutting stroke and ensures straight cuts and maximum lowering speed.

Fixed structure made of normalized structural steelwork with thick hollow steel columns integral with the upper beam. Blade carrier frame made of structural steelwork with very high horizontal rigidity permitting the optimal tensioning of all the blades guaranteeing perfectly flat cuts.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Maximum number blades: 80
Useful cutting length (mm): 3250
Unlimited useful cutting width (mm): 2000
useful-cutting-height-mm: 2000
blade-lenght-mm: 4350
Blade useful stroke (mm): 800
Cutting speed (cm/h): 0÷80
Width of the blades carrying frame (mm): 2020
Electrical power installed (kW): 123


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