Idro Line

SKU: Idro-Line


Technology, design and wish to develop a technologically and productively superior system have allowed the Idro line to be raised above any reference, making it unique on the market.

It is the first system with an active method for controlling the speed and kerf of the jet; the first with a 5-axis head with continuous probing. Idro line is able to perform the most demanding jobs and, at the same time, meet the expectations of those requiring versatile solutions.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Support plane max capacity (kg/mq ): 1000
Velocity (mm/min ): 0-40000
Axis X (mm): 2000
Axis Y (mm): 1700
Axis Z (mm): 250
Axis (A) (°): 600
Axis B (°): +/- 60
Support Plane (mm): 2700x2050


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