Lux M945

SKU: lux-M945


This automatic cycle machine, that has been designed for the production of building elements and paving stones, has been realized in the version granite.or.marble.for 1600/ disc diameter. Axes positioning precision is ensured through a PLC controlled system that comprises inverters and encoders. The bridge has been built in large thickness normalized steel work and has been machined on all reference surfaces by one sole positioning on tool machine. The peculiar double shell section, that has been reinforced with two series of internal ribs, provides the bridge top stiffness degree. The trolley is fixed onto the slide, that fits in a clearance free way, the fixed guards protected “V”-shaped guides, and cut/return stroke is driven through a rack/pinion system. Control panel is equipped with PC managed colour monitor that allows for Touch Screen cycles programming and for work parameters and axes positions real time displaying.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Διάμετρος δίσκου (mm): 1600/2000
Μέγιστο πάχος κοπής (mm): 615/810
Οριζόντια διαδρομή (άξονας Χ) (mm): 4200/3600
Εγκάρσια διαδρομή γέφυρας (άξονας Υ) (mm): 3500
Διαδρομή ανόδου/καθόδου κεφαλής (άξονας Ζ) (mm): 700/1000
Ταχύτητα άξονα Χ (m/min): 0,8-14/0,4-7
Ταχύτητα άξονα Y (m/min): 0-6
Ταχύτητα άξονα Ζ (m/min): 0-1
Εγκατεστμένη ισχύς (kW): 51/81


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