SKU: M702-M705


Automatic-cycle machine for simultaneous crosscutting of waste from strips (head and tail) and for cutting pre-selected measurements with diamond disk tools. Conveyance of the strips to the cutting zone, with reading of the profile and automatic stop in-proximity of the out-feed disk (fixed). Automatic in-feed disk positioning (adjustable). Disks lowering and transversal cut. Raising and return of the disks with strip out-feed. Automatic repetition of cycle.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Maximum length (mm): 3500/1400-3500
Machinable width (mm): 650
Maximum thickness (mm): 50
Conveyor system speed (m/min): 3-25/0,5-23
Διάμετρος δίσκου (mm): 350
Cutting system speed (mm): 0,4-10
Installed power (kW): 7/24,5


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