SKU: M845


This machine was designed and manufactured in an innovative way, performs tiles peripheral finish through the gauging of the two side dimensions and the chamfering of the four upper edges. M845 chamfering machine comprises two independent sections, connected by a unit performing the tiles 90rotation.

In each machine section, gauging precision and top quality are ensured by the considerable distance between gauging and chamfering heads that allows for the performance of the two operations on the same tile at different times.

Conveyor speeds and processed dimensions are adjusted from control panel and visualized on display.

Operational elements sturdiness and top quality components provide M845 easy-to-use, precision, productivity and maintenance free operations in time.

There are many versions of this model depending on gauging and chamfering heads. Below, you can see some technical characteristics of M845LV4+8 (4 gauging & 8 chamfering heads).

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Processed thickness (mm): 8/35
Gauge head motor (kW): 3
Chamfering head motor (kW): 1.1
Conveyor belts speed (m/min): 0,5/8
Conveyor system motor (kW): 1.1
Installed power (kW): 26
Length (mm): 9700
Width (mm): 2150
Height (mm): 1600
Approximate mass (kg): 5700


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