SKU: Milestone


Milestone was born from the meeting between our high technological experience and the needs of our customers.

It has been studied for an easy and performing process, it grants thanks to its essential configuration an high productivity, and at the same time an high attention towards a safe working environment.

Milestone is particularly suitable for the stone field.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Μέγιστη χωρητικότητα επιπέδου στήριξης (kg/mq ): 1000
Ταχύτητα (mm/min): 0-40000
Άξονας X (mm): 2000/4000
Άξονας Y (mm): 1700/2000
Άξονας Z (mm): 250
Επίπεδο στήριξης (mm): 2700x2050/4600x2100


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