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Numerically controlled working center with three-four interpolated axes to process slabs and blocks (even for high thickness) in marble, granite, natural and composite stone and glass as well.

Any type of edge contouring (rough or polished) thus milling, drilling, countersinking, pocketing, bas-relief and writing can be executed with great rapidity and accuracy.

Every processing required from a marble workshop is easy and automatic thanks to the user-friendly and complete programming software and to the high-powered numerical control.

It represents a reference point in the stone field for processing with three-four axes.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Saddle Stroke (X axis): 3850
Bridge longitudinal stroke (Y axis) (mm): 2350
Working unit vertical stroke (Z axis) (mm): 600
X axis speed (mm/min): 0-54000
Y axis speed (mm/min): 0-36000
Z axis speed (mm/min): 0-30000
Tool crib (nr): 26
Working envelope (mm): 3800x2000x505
Ισχύς Electrospingle (kW): 13,5
Ταχύτητα ηλεκτροατράκτου (rpm): 15000


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