Supernova B065

SKU: Supernova-B065


This highly efficient machine has been designed for thickness gauging and polishing of strips with trimmed ends and max. width dimensions 650 mm.

The selection of the operative elements which form SUPERNOVA B065, their top level efficiency and reliability are the result of an experience which has matured throughout the technological evolution of more than 1000 polishing machines manufactured in the past 25 years by PEDRINI. The new SUPERNOVA B065 polishing machine, reinforced with EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY, achieves top production speeds whilst reducing consumption, maintenance and depreciation. Exclusive polishing heads drive technology that reduces energy and abrasive consumption and eliminates maintenance. Exclusive polishing technology for marble and granite. Exclusive technology for processing width fast adjustment to allow for maximum production flexibility. There are many models of B065 offering a variety of choices concerning grinding and polishing heads.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Machinable width (mm): 300÷650
Machinable thickness (mm): 7÷50
Grinding head motorization (kW): 18,5
Installed electrical power (kW): 130
Cooling water (minimum pressure 1.5 bar) (l/min): 280
Compressed air (minimum pressure 6 bar) (NL/min): 64
Machine length (L) (mm): 9200
Machine width (W) (mm): 2230
Machine height (H) (mm): 2250
Approximate mass (kg): 14000


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