Universal M925TG

SKU: Universal-M925-TG


Machine with 5 axes to cut and shape marble, granite and natural stone. The main axes (X, Y, Z, C) are run by means of the Numeric Control and by means of brush-less motors. The axis A for the inclination of disk is set manually by a wheel and it is displayed by the Numeric Control. Control panel installed on a fixed support with graphic color monitor with TOUCH-SCREEN for the workpieces tri-dimensional simulation and for the working cycles programming. Air conditioned electric cabinet with IP 54 dust and water protection. Electric cabinet separated from the machine. Safety as for CE norm.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Cut/backward stroke (Χ axis) (mm): 3450
Bridge crosswise stroke (Y axis) (mm): 2030
Tool raising/lowering stroke (Z axis) (mm): 350
Maximum cut thickness with 625mm disc diameter (mm): 200
Disc holding head rotation (°): -185 - +185
Disc Inclination (°): 0-90
X axis speed (m/min): 0-35
Y axis speed (m/min): 0-35
Z axis speed (m/min): 0-6
Installed heating power (kW): 16


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