Universal M940CN

SKU: Universal-M940CN


Machine with 6 axes for cutting and shaping marble, granite and natural stone.The axes are run by means of the Numeric Control, by 4 inverters and by the relevant encoders for positions controlling.All the programming operations are executable on the machine, by means of a simplified system that guides the operator during the working cycles preparing.The comfort and the safety of the operator are warranted by means of the lower position of one lateral wall that allow for operating the machine without entering in the working area and without using a footboard; Only for the machines equipped with the optional motorspindle V940HM:

Examples of working with the diamond disc:

– manual, semi-automatic and automatic cuts, linear shaping, curvilinear shaping, shaping finishing by spatula cutting, arcs section.Examples of working with milling cutters (on demand) vertical and sloping drilling, blocks hollowing out, slabs shaping.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Cut/backward maximum stroke (X axis) (mm): 3750
Bridge crosswise stroke (Y axis) (mm): 3500
Tool raising/lowering stroke (Z axis) (mm): 400
Inclined disc raising/lowering stroke (Z2 axis) (mm): 180
Disk inclination (A axis) (°): 0-90
Διάμετρος δίσκου (mm): 625-825
Ταχύτητα άξονα Χ (m/min): 0,7-18
Installed electrical power (kW): 28


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