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Numerically controlled working center with three-four interpolated axes to process slabs and blocks with medium thickness.

Any type of edge contouring (rough or polished) thus milling, drilling, countersinking, pocketing, bas-relief and writing can be executed.

Every processing required from a marble workshop is easy and automatic thanks to the user-friendly and complete programming software and to the high-powered numerical control.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Saddle Stroke (X axis): 3760
Bridge longitudinal stroke (Y axis) (mm): 2080
Working unit vertical stroke (Z axis) (mm): 330
X axis speed (mm/min): 0-65000
Y axis speed (mm/min): 0-65000
Z axis speed (mm/min): 0-15000
Tool crib (nr): 26
Working envelope (mm): 3760x1710x330
Electrospingle power (kW): 13,5
Electrospindle speed (rpm): 15000


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