Automatic Line for flaming Campagnola

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This is a complex machine doing two treatments.

The first one is hitting the marble which is achieved by rotating and pressing the marble’s surface with a head consisting of planetary rollers bearing on the surface some edges made by hard material (widia). During the rotation the edges hit the surface of the marble and making it rough and slip-resistant. The head moves from side to side with the aid of a chain which makes possible the entire strip’s surface process (<800mm). The pressure exerted by a powerful air piston and the rotation by an electric motor (3Hp). Marble moves on a table with a strap while its movement is given by a drive (1Hp) with adjustable speed.

The other process is the surface flaming of marble or granite which gives it a peculiar non-slip form. Not all the stones are getting flamed but only these with silica composition. The flaming is done using oxydrikis flame. The gases from the flames are moving to a device that controls the proportions by regulating flow and pressure and they result to a burner which reciprocates left and right burning a strip’s surface. The marble is forwarded through a conveyor belt to the exit is cooled with water. In the area of flaming there is a protective cap.

The whole process is controlled with absolute safety by a panel with all the necessary automation. The treatments can damage the edges of the marble a trimming machine must be used after the exit of the strips in order to clean their edges. Usually, larger strips are used in order to reach the final dimension after the removal of the two edges.



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