Arrow 715

SKU: Arrow715


Stationary Diamond Wire Machine Model Arrow 715 for squaring and obtaining thick slabs from marble and granite blocks.Built with a stiff and strong structural steel frame, the machine is equipped with 2 big flywheels diameter mm 2000/ea. which facilitate the rotation of the diamond wire and prevent its fatigue.The machine is equipped with an inverter allowing the operator to vary the speed of the diamond wire from 0 to 40 m/sec.The tensioning of the diamond wire is obtained by means of a hydraulic cylinder controlled by a hydraulic station maintaning constant pull of the wire.The downfeed of the machine is automatic and is controlled by a motor with inverter.A set of safety devices stop the machine in case of lack of water and breakage of the wire.The machine is supplied with a motorized block carrying trolley with fixed bench or turntable equipped with encoder allowing for mm. step movements programmable from the control panel.

Technical Characteristics

Cutting area (mm): 4000x2200
Longitudinal Axis (X) (mm): 5000
Transversal Width (Z) (mm): 3500
Vertical Axis (Y) (mm): 2480
Diamond wire peripheral speed (m/sec): 0-40
Diamond wire diameter (mm): 9-12
Diamond wire length (m): 20
Diamond wire tension (kg): 0-600
Electrical power installed (kW): 25


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