Bush Hammering Machine Itd

SKU: bush-hammering-itd


The machine is constituted by two parts.

The first one, bush hammering, allocates:

  • a head that regresses with the help of piston of air of double energy on specifically manufactured drivers
  • The electric power of reduction unit moves the plate with widia 3 HP
  • The plate is special manufacture imported from Italy (where is manufactured by company CAMPAGNOLA – FEDELI and is guaranteed with special patent), and brings rollers with acnes from widia

The second department (drum blasting) is constituted from:

  • Metal base under which is moved drum with acnes from widia and it is shapes the notches in the down part of marble.
  • The electric power of engine for the movement of drum 5.5 HP/3000 rpm
  • All the system is installed in strong metal base and is supplied by conveyor
  • Maximum conveyor width 70 cm
  • The electric power of reduction unit for the movement of conveyor is 1HP
  • The marble is led by system of drivers and is retained from pressure rollers
  • Complete table of movement and automatism with all the essential bodies of clues and control
  • Possibility of production by 10 m 2 until 70 m 2 depending on the type of marble
  • It allocates system for the absorption of dust of high pressure and her ventilator for removal it from the working place
  • Motor power of blower 2 HP


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