Internal Crane

SKU: Internal-Crane


Double girder bridge internal building installation standing on the columns of the building. Complete electrical control board with power distribution rail to the whole length of the bridge movement. Optionally it can be connected remote control unit and lighting system.

Technical Characteristics

Maximun weight (SWL) (kg): 6300/10000/25000
Ascent height (m): 6/7/9
Ascent motor power(double speed) (m/min): 0,82/4,9 - 1,5/9,5 - 2,6/16
Wire rope diameter (mm): 12/14/22
Ascent speed (m/min): 3,45-0,58/ 4-0,6/ 4,18-0,7
Foundation opening (mm): 10000/20000/22000
Rail ST52 (mm): 30x40/ 30x50
Rails length (m): 30/60


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