Special stationary machine for marble and soft stones thick slabs cutting and blocks squaring. The tool is a sintered diamond belt that runs without friction on a double guide thanks to a water film (aquaplaning system) and a 45 kW electric motor. All functions and movements are controlled by PLC on the control panel, that allows to make automatic cycle cuts.

The block trolley capacity is 40 tons and the dimension of cm 300 x 220. The rotation control system is interfaced with PLC and visualized on the control panel.

Technical Characteristics

Diameter of pulleys for diamond belt (mm): 620
Main 3-phase electric motor for the diamond belt rotation (kW): 45
Electric motor for the hydraulic downfeed unit (kW): 4
Electric motor for the block trolley movement (kW): 1
Electric motor for the block trolley rotation (kW): 0,75
Total Installed Power (kW): 58
max-block-with-m: 3500
max-block-height-m: 2175



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