Fluospak 186

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With a huge breaking power, the FLUOSPAK 186 is extremely easy to use and move. The 186 is composed of a hydraulic.pump unit, electric, petrol or pneumatic drive, with some connections for one or more splitting cylinders and a 25 litres oil tank.The pump unit works at 500/600 bar. It is fitted with a multiple distributor that operates all cylinders connected to the unit ath the same time.

The splitting unit is made up of a two-way cylinder, whose shaft pushes the plug through the set of feathers, up to the complete breaking of the material. Up to six splitters can be connected to the pump unit at the same time.

To use the FLUOSPAK it is necessary a Ø 31 or 40 mm hole of enough depth, into which a splitter is placed. The pump unit makes the splitter open, thus breaking the rock. It has 4 piston axial pump and three way cylinder distributor valve ¼’ BSP high pressure rapid attachments.

Technical Characteristics

Electric Motor (kW): 4
Oil tank (lt.): 25
Working Pressure (bar): 500/600



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