HDM 635



The new HDM 635 drilling machine is designed to make the intersecting holes of 76/90 mm in diameter, where to pass the diamond wire in quarries of marble and granite.

The drilling is made by a down-the-hole hammer. The rotation and the advancement movements of the drilling are made possible via hydraulic motors. This machine can drill in vertical, horizontal, or inclined directions with an easy positioning operation. This machine is equipped with a special holding-blocking hydraulic vice for the drill tubes.The slide bar of the machine is designed to utilize either a 2’’ down-the-hole hammer, 76 mm diam. drill bit, and 62 mm diam. drill tubes, or a 3’’ down-the-hole hammer 90 mm diam. drill bit, and with 76 mm diam. drill tubes. The hydraulic unit, equipped with a 7.5 kW electric motor, is carried on a 4-wheel trolley. The hydraulic unit includes also the air group for the feed of the down-the-hole hammer.

Technical Characteristics

Electric Motor (Hp): 7,5
Size of down-the-hole hammer (''): 2/3
Conical/spherical/mixed button drill bit diameter (mm): 76/90
Drill tubes diameter (mm): 62/76
Length of drill tube (mm): 1 ή 1,5


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