The tiles automatic loader feeds the tiles into splitting or polishing lines. The holding frame for the suction pads tilts from 0o to 90o and the placing of the tile can be performed either in horizontal or vertical position. Movement on axis X,Y controlled by inverter. Movement combination between the axis during function, succeeding in loading/unloading in a process line moving at 4 m/min. Touch-screen for the control and insertion of material dimensions of the program.

Technical Characteristics

Maximum strips' width (mm): 700
Minimum tile width (mm): 250
Maximum tile length (mm): 3000
Crosswise bridge stroke (Z stroke) (mm): 1900
Vertical lifting stroke (Y axis) (from height 300 mm)(mm): 1500
Suction pad table rotation (o): 90
Number of suction pads: 6
Suction pads diameter (mm): 200
Maximum load (kg): 500
Electrical power installed (kW): 5


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