4-column machine designed to work on stationary blocks for the production of 650mm max wide strips with thickness dimension comprised between 10mm for modulmarmo and 60mm for paving stones.

The high precision movements , the simplicity of use and maintenance the extreme sturdiness of all components guarantee the high reliability and long life span of the machine.

M586 utilizes “sceletta” and “double disk” cutting systems for achieving high productivity and furthermore the “single disk” setup provides the option of flexibility in strip thickness.

Technical Characteristics

Maximum length of infeed block (mm): 3200/3300
Maximum height of infeed block (mm): 2250
Maximum width of infeed block (with unloader) (mm): 2050
Maximum length of outfeed strip (mm): 3300
Maximum width of outfeed strip (mm): 650
Maximum thckness of outfeed strip (mm): 60
Vertical discs diameter (mm): 800/1300/1600
Horizontal disk diameter (mm): 400
Installed electrical power (kW): 120/160/190



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