Automatic single head polishing machine for slabs with fixed workbench (optional inclinated) with a trip up to 8m and capability of executing 4 different programms controlled by PLC. The movement of the axes is regulated through inverter achieving the optimal polishing speed. The robust construction of the machine allows the use of deck with widia to the head and the production of slabs with bush blasting or sand blasting surface. Finally, with the “satellite” head comec attached, the machine can polish granite slabs.

Technical Characteristics

Max polishing width (mm): 2000
Lenght of standard tracks (mm): 8000
Up/down stroke (mm): 250
Carriage motor power (inverter) (kW): 2.2
Installed heating power (kW): 15
Cooling water consumption at 1,5 bar (l/min): 40
Length (mm): 1570
Width (mm): 3930
Height (mm): 2500
Approximate mass (kg): 3200



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