SC 445L

SKU: SC-445L


The main feature of the spliting machine is the ability to split the workpiece using horizontal opposite disks, which simultaneously cutinto the workpiece from both sides for a maximum depth equal to half its width.

The machine is very compact, easy to use and adjust, fit to mount both Ø 625 and Ø 700 diamond discs in order to reach a maximum workable width of 460 mm. The diamond tools are directly mounted on the shaft of special spindle-engines, suitable to support both radial and axial stresses. The flange-equipped engines are fixed to the machine mobile body and their wheel-base can be changed for fitting to the different disc diameters. Two side-columns are fixed to the bedplate and drive the vertical sliding of the machine mobile body which supports the 4 spindle-engines. The up-down movement of the mobile body, and thus simultaneously of the 4 spindle-engines, is electric and displayed.

Technical Characteristics

Maximum machinable width (mm): 460
Number of discs: 4
Discs Diameter (mm): 625/700
Belt speed (m/min): 2
Power consumption (kW): 75/90
Water consumption (l/min): 120
Length (mm): 4500
Width (mm): 1900
Height (mm): 1600
Weight (kg): 4300


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