Automatic polishing machine for any laboratory active in stone processing. Complete and efficient.

The machine with the optional head can polish marble slabs using the optional FLAT polishing head with type Frankfurt abrasives granite slabs with:the optional satellite head with circular grinding wheels with TERZAGO Brevetti couplings optional Fickert type TANGENTIAL abrasive head.The plate for marble can be applied on the satellite head with Frankfurt type abrasives.

Longitudinal movement of the bridge (X axis) is carried out on precision tracks with variable speed and possibility of inverting the motion rapidly with electronically controlled deceleration and acceleration peaks. Track on the side of the operator is set under the working area in order to make loading and unloading easier.

Machine safety: devices according to EEC standards. Cables for the electrical supply and for the refrigeration of the abrasives all supported by nylon chains., The software has been designed specifically for SIRIO and is very easy to use.The scanning and storage of the shape of the slab are executed directly by positioning the operating head. Possibility of choosing 4 different working cycles and of the number of repetition for each cycle. Automatic transfer of the working from one slab to the other and final return to the starting point with bright signal indicating the end of the cycle. The spindle unit is provided with an efficient cooling water distribution system. The waterproof electric panel is integrated in the structure of the machine and located on the right hand side of the bridge.It consists of main switch with door blockage, remote control switches, thermal protections, electronic programmer and external control board, in front of the operator, with the main controls, the keyboard and DSTN color display of 5.7 that shows the programming stages and the positions of the movement axes. Vertical movement (Y axis ) of the spindle on chromium-plated guides which are suitably protected by a protecting crank case, with adjustable lifting and lowering limit stops. Air operated with adjustable pressure.

Technical Characteristics

Max polishing width (mm): 2100
Max polishing length with standard tracks (mm): 4000
Lenght of standard tracks (mm): 6000
Translation speed on tracks (m/min): 0 ÷ 18
Main motor power (kW): 18
Cooling water consumption at 1,5 bar (l/min): 40
Machine length (L) (mm): 2000
Machine width (W) (mm): 3600
Machine height (H) (mm): 3000
Approximate mass (kg): 3800



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