Automatic machine for calibrating and polishing marble tiles.

The calibration of the tiles’ thickness is achieved through diamond tools on the heads. The polishing is achieved through abrasive polishing heads positioned longitudinal the axis of the mobile meam which has adjustable lateral route.

Main parts of the machine:

  • base
  • bridge for the calibration heads
  • bridge to cross roll the beam
  • beam
  • abrasive
  • heads
  • electric panel

There are many models of the machine depending on the abrasive and calibration heads it carries.

Technical Characteristics

Machinable width (mm): 600÷1000
Machinable thickness (mm): 7÷50
Grinding head motorization (kW): 18,5
Installed electrical power (kW): 133
Cooling water (minimum pressure 1.5 bar) (l/min): 320
Compressed air (minimum pressure 6 bar) (NL/min): 140
Machine length (L) (mm): 10050
Machine width (W) (mm): 2800
Machine height (H) (mm): 2310
Approximate mass (kg): 19000


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