VIP 915

SKU: VIP-915


Manufactured with first quality materials and components, the vip 915 is a strong and reliable machine that allows to easily make great cuts on any kind of material. The feed movement is automatically controlled by a special electronic “supercard” that allows a precise and complete management of the diamond wire during the cutting phase, so that to obtain the best output and production on any material. The machine moves on rails with a special cylinder central rack that prevents the mud jamming, so that to maintain the best efficiency of the system. the control board is very compact and easy to handle, perfectly waterproof. The motor head can move cm 175 (or cm 200) per side, in order to make two parallel cuts without moving the machine, by means hydraulic device. The same device allows to make horizontal cuts at ground level without the use of any auxiliary accessories.

VIP 915 Inverter

The model with vectorial inverter control system allows to vary the diamond wire speed from 0 to 40 m/sec. in order to optimize its consumption and get the best output, even on very difficult materials.

Technical Characteristics

Main electric motor power (kW): 45 - 55 - 75
Starter: Star Delta or direct
Wire tension: Automatically controlled by SuperCard or inverter
Pulley diameter (mm): 800 - 1000
Lateral movement of cutting head (m): 1,75 or 2,00
Flywheel rotation (°): 360
Linear wire speed (m/sec): 40
Length of rails (m): 2 - 3


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