SKU: B713


This machine performs a squaring operation on marble, granite and similar stones slabs, through the elimination of both sides and ends irregularities. B713 machine, that is utilized in polishing and/or resining lines, improves polishing machine performance though the preparation of consistently wide slabs with straight edges and without resin leakages. A set of sensors at entry side individuates head and tail cuts positions, that are performed by the transversal disc, whilst the two discs for longitudinal cuts are adjusted manually. Two pneumatic hammers crush the longitudinal waste that will be easily eliminated, together with transversal waste, at conveyor belt end.

Technical Characteristics

Maximum infeed slabs width (mm): 2150
Maximum outfeed slabs width (mm): 2000
Μέγιστο πάχος κοπής (mm): 35
Number of vertical heads: 2
Number of horizontal heads: 1
Διάμετρος δίσκου (mm): 400
Installed power (kW): 37
Air requirements (NL/min): 180


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