Fast 736

SKU: Fast-736


Diamond belt saw model FAST 736 for trimming of blocks of marble and stoneSpecial cutter for slabbing blocks of marble and other stones except granite.The tool consists of a diamond belt moving frictionlessly within a double guide through a water bed eliminating friction.The belt winds around two supporting pulleys Dia. 1700 mm and it is driven by a 45 Kw. motor.The belt tensioning is produced by means of an automatic hydraulic system.The downfeed is controlled by means of hydraulic system which guarantees precision cutting and optimizes the tool performance.All movement controls and cutting functions are made from an electronic panel available with electromechanical features with manual movementsor PLC for automatic cutting cycles.The block car is equipped with a table of3m. x 2.20m. and a capacity of 40 tons. with either fixed or turn table versions.The turn table can be equipped with a control and positioning system in thePLC version in conjunction with the control panel.

Technical Characteristics

Max block width (mm): 3500
Max block height (mm): 2000
Diameter of pulleys for diamond belt (mm): 1700
Total Installed Power (kW): 58


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