Automatic cycle machine for the cross cutting of 650 mm max. wide strips, to produce serial elements with finished length. M747 is realized in the versions for granite and with up to 3500 mm length capacity.

Available as well the PC controlled M747 12 EC for random cuts.

This machine was designed to guarantee perfectly orthogonal transversal cuts. Owing to its operational rapidity, its high reliability and easiness in the use, M747 realizes top level productivity. The base is made in large thickness normalized steel work. All the surfaces matching the upper structures are machined. The conveyor belt is driven through a gear motor powered roll and is controlled through an idle roll equipped with the tensioning device. Special fixed guides prevent the conveyor belt from harmful deformations by keeping it totally adherent to the sliding plane.

Technical Characteristics

Maximum length (mm): 2000
Machinable width (mm): 250-650
Maximum thickness (mm): 35
Maximum distance between first and last disc (mm): 1850
Minimum length of final product (mm): 200
Number of disc-holder heads: 5/6/7
Disc diameter (mm): 350
Cutting system forward speed (m/min): 0,4-10
Installed electrical power (kW): 22/26/30


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