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A range of numerically-controlled machining center with 5 or 6 interpolated axes, designed and built to offer maximum accuracy, quality and flexibility.

It carries out any type of drilling, milling, disk cutting contouring, shaping, recess work, profiling, polishing, engraving, carving, beveling text and 3 dimensional surfaces.

Technical Characteristics

Saddle Stroke (X axis): 3800
Bridge longitudinal stroke (Y axis) (mm): 5000
Working unit vertical stroke (Z axis) (mm): 1400
Rotation working unit (C axis) (o): +/- 270
Inclination working unit (B axis) (o): +/- 100
X axis speed (mm/min): 0-72000
Y axis speed (mm/min): 0-40000
Z axis speed (mm/min): 0-35000
C axis speed (o/min): 9000
B axis speed (o/min): 9000



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