Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Itd

SKU: Rotor


Vertical shaft impact crusher is widely applied for crushing and gravel shaping at the same time. They are highly recommended when it comes to the shaping of gravels used in concrete aggregates, whose concrete strength is above C 60 or which required being freeze proof and leak proof.

Operating pinciple is as follows: the materials enter the crusher through the feeder hopper, through the middle of classifier entering into the rotating impeller at high speed, then is shot through the tunnels around the impeller with the speeds of 60-75 meters/second. First the materials will impact with some materials fallen around classifier, then in the whirlpool cavity’s scaleboard togethewill be rebounded and impact on the top of the whirlpool cavity, then changs its direction andown, forms continual material layers with the materials shot from the impeller.

The grinding particles are brought up by the air current of the blower into the classifier for classification. The particles with the required fineness are brought up by the air current through the pipe into a cyclone collector for separation and collection and the finished particles are discharged from a pipe outlet.

Technical Characteristics

Weight (kg): 7.500
Installed power (kW): 75 – 150
Production capacity (Slabs/hour): 200 t/h (20% = 0 – 1.5mm = 40t/h)
Dimensions of input (mm): 5 – 45
Rotor Rotation (rpm): 1200 – 2000


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